Runners Knee

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What is Runners/Joggers Knee?

osteo female knee pain IS000022075607XSmallThe medical name for Runner’s knee is Patello-femoral Pain (PFP) or chondromalacia patellae as it used to be known. PFP is a term used to describe a condition that causes pain and discomfort in and around the knee cap. This condition arises when the forces that travel through the knee during walking and running become altered, and change the normal action of the knee (its biomechanics). Pain is most commonly felt around and behind the knee cap and the inner part of the knee.

Why do people get Patello-femoral Pain?

Patello-femoral Pain (PFP) is often a result of mal tracking of the knee cap causing uneven wear of the cartilage on its underside. This may be due to an imbalance in the strength of the medial and lateral quadriceps muscles and in most cases the knee cap is pulled to the outside of the knee.  Loss of arch height in the feet are also a major factor in altering the bio mechanics of the knee, leading to PFP.

Pain is often felt during or shortly after exercise or when the knee is bent when squatting or kneeling down. Symptoms may also be felt when walking downstairs or downhill and even in some cases just sitting at a desk. The knee may swell up and feel hot to the touch but this is not always the case and often a grinding or clicking sound can be heard when the knee bends.

What is the solution?

osteo male knee pain IS000023210761XSmallTo recover from PFP and prevent it re-occurring the underlying causes have to be tackled. It has long been thought that strengthening the medial quadriceps (Vastus medialis) will correct the imbalance and prevent the knee cap from being pulled to the outside of the knee. Recent research has shown that the uneven pull of the quadriceps is not mainly due to the difference in power between the muscles but the order in which they are recruited. Your brain relies on cues from sensors in your feet to decide when a muscle needs to be used. It has been discovered that a loss of height in the arches of the feet can affect this process and cause the quadriceps muscles to contract in the incorrect sequence.

Our state of the art prescription orthotics are an easy remedy.  By simply inserting a pair of our prescription orthotic innersoles into your running shoes, it will not only correct any loss of arch height, but also stimulate your body to recruit the quadriceps in the appropriate order.  This, not only reduces knee injuries, but can increase the performance in your running.

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