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Can Orthotics Help with Bunions?

Orthotics (shoe innersoles), that have been correctly prescribed, will support the arches of the feet and prevent foot pronation (collapsing and rolling inwards).  This pronation, and the wearing of shoes with pointed toes, are the main reason bunions form.  Therefore, the correct orthotic, and a shoe allowing the toes to maintain their natural shape, will greatly ease, if not eliminate, the pain and discomfort that bunions cause.  In severe cases, when the joint of the toe has become severely restricted or deformed, surgery may be necessary. But even after surgery, orthotics will be necessary to prevent the loss of foot arch height.  If uncorrected, further joint problems in the big toe will occur and in time a second bunion will develop.

What is a Bunion?

A bunion is a swollen and tender joint in the big toe (hallux valgus).  The toe is usually angled towards, and sometimes overlapping, the other toes of the foot.  As the toe joint remains swollen and enlarged, shoes are often uncomfortable and rub the skin, leading to further inflammation, calluses, hard skin and pain.

What is The Main Cause of Bunions?

A bunion develops as a result of a reduction in the medial arch of the foot (rolling inwards or dropped arch).  This process, called pronation, can develop through overuse or as a result of the aging process in the ligaments supporting the foot.  These ligaments can become stretched in people who are carrying excess weight, people who are on their feet all day long, such as policemen or teachers, or keen sports enthusiasts.

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