Sports Injuries

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Is Osteopathy effective for Sports Injuries?

Sports InjuriesWhether you’re an enthusiastic amateur or an elite professional, osteopathy can help with the prevention and treatment of many common sports injuries.

Sports injuries successfully treated at Avenue Osteopathic Practice include pains and strains such as;

  • lower back pain (with or without sciatica)
  • muscle and ligament injuries
  • knee pain (runner’s or jumper’s knee)
  • shoulder (rotated cuff and ligament injuries)
  • elbow (tennis and golfer’s elbow)
  • wrist injuries
  • foot and ankle complaints

Treating Sports Injuries

During your first consultation, a comprehensive case history will be taken.  This will not only give a diagnosis of the injury, but lead to an understanding of the processes that have led to the condition. This allows the osteopath to not only prescribe a treatment programme to deal with the presenting symptoms, but also devise a strategy to prevent them reoccurring. This may involve post exercise stretching regimes, strengthening exercise programmes, and postural advice. We also work closely with a number of well respected and qualified personal trainers, that are recruited if specific sports related training and rehabilitation is needed.

Pain-killers and Sports Injuries, Do’s and Don’ts

It is never advisable to take pain relief before taking part in high-impact activities or physical work.  This is because without the feedback from your body’s nervous system, it is easy to over-use and re-damage injured muscles and ligaments.

Although it is always better not to take drugs, as they all have side effects, they can be useful in some circumstances.  lf muscle pain is preventing you from sleeping, this can have a serious effect on your whole life, and it is worth a compromise of the side effects of the pain-killers for a good nights sleep.

Pain-killing drugs can sometimes counteract the effectiveness of other medication you may be taking, and in some cases can be very harmful.  Therefore it is important to check with your Doctor or Pharmacist as to whether they are appropriate, or indeed safe.

Some inflammatory conditions will benefit from NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) but again, it must be remembered that they may reduce inflammation but not the cause of the inflammation.  Also they can cause stomach problems in some cases.

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