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Osteopathy for pregnancy and new mums

Is Osteopathy safe in Pregnancy and while Nursing?

Osteopathic treatment for pregnant and new mums works physically with joints and muscles and does not involve taking any drugs of any kind, therefore it is safe to do and with no side effects whatsoever on unborn or nursing children.

Women who are either pregnant or new mums can suffer with a range of aches and pains that osteopathy can really help with.  These include:-

Osteopathy for Pregnancy – Stress and strains

The stresses and strains that pregnant and nursing women put upon their body is tremendous.  Also the release of the hormone Relaxin can make joints more mobile than usual and therefore more vulnerable to injury. Our osteopathy for pregnancy treatment can really help to resolve the issues that pregnant and new mums experience.

Below are some examples and explanations.

Osteopathy for Pregnancy – Pre Delivery Postural Changes

Osteopathy for pregnancyAs your baby grows in your womb, there will be an increase in weight in the front of your body.  This makes a big difference in how you carry yourself whilst pregnant especially towards the later stages. As your centre of gravity moves forward you use the long erector spinae muscles much more to hold the shoulders back and lift the tummy, which means towards the end of the day you may get a dull backache. This is where our osteopathy for pregnancy treatment can really help.

Tendonopathy (previously known as Tendonitis) can occur at the muscle attachments in the lower back and in the upper spine and ribs.

As you move your shoulders back to counteract the weight forward so your head begins to move forward, especially if you are working on a computer. This can cause pains in and around the base of the neck on the spine. This can cause an ache in between the shoulder and the upper neck.  Sometimes you might get unpleasant headaches behind the eyes. Occasionally weakness and pins and needles may be experienced in the fingers.

Later in the term when the abdomen drops down and gets bigger, you rely more heavily on the buttock and lower back muscles.  They can become overused and very achy, particularly when the pregnant waddle/walking technique develops.  Also at this time, the increased weight affects the feet causing them to flatten and widen which often causes them pain when walking. Our osteopathy for pregnancy treatment can help to ease the effects of these changes.

Osteopathy for new mums – After delivery

Once you give birth to your baby, your body starts the process of returning to normal.  However, these changes in weight distribution and posture often cause aches and pains, all whilst your body is still producing the hormone Relaxin.  Also carrying your new baby and picking them up from their cot and in and out of cars involves you performing more movements which your body is not accustomed to.  This is even more the case for mums that have had caesarean sections.

Caesarean Sections

Osteopathy for pregnancyDuring the process of a caesarean birth, an incision is made across the abdominal wall cutting through the abdominal muscles.  These muscles are vital in protecting your back from over-straining.  There is a tendancy not to use these muscles whilst they are healing as it can be painful to do so.  Even after the healing process is complete you may have got out of the habit of using these muscles which leaves you vulnerable to back problems.

Whilst breast feeding

The process of breast feeding inevitably leads to new mums having to maintain an unfamiliar posture for long periods several times throughout the day and night.  The comfort of the baby whilst breast feeding is more important to a new mum than their own and they often find themselves positioned awkwardly, not wanting to move for fear of disturbing their baby whilst its feeding.  This is often worse during the night feeds.  This posture often leads to achy, painful and restricted shoulders, neck, and upper back. Our osteopathy for pregnancy and new mums treatment can really make a difference.

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