Muscle Pain

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Muscle Aches and Pains

Can Osteopathy help with muscle aches and pains?

Osteopathy is often the treatment of choice for athletes, dancers, sports people as well as the general public.  This is because it deals directly with the tissues that are causing discomfort without the use of pain-killing drugs.  At our osteopathic practice in Sutton, Surrey we do this by physically manipulating the muscles, ligaments and tendons involved.

These techniques, depending on the type of injury the client has, can:-

  • relax tight muscles
  • release trapped ligaments and tendons
  • reduce inflammation
  • improve circulation

Muscle aches and pains are among the most common complaints seen by osteopaths. They can involve single muscles or a whole muscle group.

What causes muscle aches and pains?

Muscles can become painful for a variety of reasons, such as:-

  • overuse
  • injury and trauma
  • infection
  • bad posture
  • whiplash
  • overload

One of the most common causes of muscle pain is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).  This usually occurs 48 hours after exercise if the level of activity has been too much for the muscle to cope with.

When should I call the Osteopath if I have muscle pain?

If the pain persists and carries on for longer than 3 days, it is very important for your Osteopath to assess it and give you a diagnosis and treatment plan.  Your Osteopath will then be able to advise you as to the level of exercise and training your body will be able to cope with whilst you are receiving treatment.  If any changes are needed in the way you work or train you will be advised accordingly.

Once the pain has been assessed and treated, regular exercise (even gentle exercise) can help restore good muscle tone. At the Avenue Osteopathic Practice, we can advise you on the appropriate exercise to help keep you pain free.

Pain-killers and Muscle Pain, Do’s and Don’ts

It is never advisable to take pain relief before taking part in high-impact activities or physical work.  This is because without the feedback from your body’s nervous system, it is easy to over-use and re-damage injured muscles and ligaments.

Although it is always better not to take drugs, as they all have side effects,  they can be useful in some circumstances.  lf muscle pain is preventing you from sleeping, this can have a serious effect on your whole life, and it is worth a compromise of the side effects of the pain-killers for a good night’s sleep.

Pain-killing drugs can sometimes counteract the effectiveness of other medication you may be taking, and in some cases can be very harmful.  Therefore it is important to check with your Doctor or Pharmacist as to whether they are appropriate, or indeed safe.

Some inflammatory conditions will benefit from NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) but again, it must be remembered that they may reduce inflammation but not the cause of the inflammation.  Also they can cause stomach problems in some cases.

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