Joint and Ligament Sprains

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Joint and Ligament Sprains

Can Osteopathy help with Joint and Ligament Sprains?

Ligament sprainOsteopathy is a successful method of treating joint and ligament sprains. Quick intervention by an osteopath after an injury can speed up rehabilitation and prevent further damage being caused. At Avenue Osteopathic Practice, the osteopath may treat the ligament itself and help reduce inflammation and offer remedial exercises, stretches and advice. This is particularly important for athletes and sports people so they do not have recurrent training injuries.

What are Joint and Ligament Sprains?

A joint or ligament sprain can occur when the ligaments that control the movement of a joint are stretched beyond their working limit.  This can happen as a result of trauma, for example, a sprained ankle from a trip, or over-stretching, for example, in the shoulder due to poor tennis serving technique or bowling action in cricket.

What are the Symptoms?

Common symptoms include:

  • Pain on movement
  • Swelling
  • Heat
  • Restricted movement
  • Bruising

Preventing Joint and Ligament Sprains

Correct footwear with an appropriate arch support can reduce the risk of ankle and foot problems. In recurrent or severe cases, orthotic innersoles are a long term solution to the problem.  Pre-exercise articulation, which is gently taking the joints through their full range of movement before engaging in an activity, prepare the joint for movement and greatly reduce the chance of sprains.

From left to right: Sprained medial ligament, Foot corrected with Orthotics; Sprained lateral ligament

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