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Can osteopathy help with headaches?

Osteopathy for headachesThere are many different types of headaches and many different reasons for getting headaches.

In general, recurring headaches can often be a sign that there is a contributory musculo-skeletal problem with your neck or upper back. This is something that osteopaths treat on a regular basis and can usually be determined upon examination. If we think that your headache cannot be helped by osteopathy we will refer you to your Doctor.

Osteopathic treatment is a very popular way of resolving headaches for many people as it does not rely upon taking painkillers or drugs of any kind and there are no side effects.

Headaches can be categorised into one of two groups.  These are:

  • primary headaches, which are not caused by an underlying condition. They can be a symptom of stress, eyestrain, fatigue, poor posture, neck muscle tension, or restricted neck joints for example. Examples of primary headaches are cervicogenic (from the neck), muscular tension-type headaches and migraines
  • secondary headaches, which are caused by an underlying condition

Migraine Headaches

Because there can be more than one cause for migraines, and these causes are usually related to food or drink, such as red wine, cheese and chocolate, osteopathy may not be able to help all sufferers.

Osteopathy for headachesThis page is not meant for you to self diagnose. It is meant to inform you of how osteopathic treatment may be helpful for certain types of headaches.

The one thing that we probably all have in common is at some stage in our lives we will have a headache.  There is no single cause for headaches and, while they are painful and annoying, the majority of headaches do not indicate that there is a serious problem. However, if you are suffering from a headache, especially one that is not easily resolved, or very severe headaches, headaches after trauma, or accompanying other symptoms, the osteopath may advise you to seek advice from a Doctor before undergoing treatment at the Avenue Osteopathic Practice.

I have purposely steered clear of going into any great details regarding headaches as the information can be confusing and misleading. The take home message from this page would be, if you are in any doubt about your headache come and see me for a consultation.

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