What to expect

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Osteopathic Treatment what’s involved?

The first consultation

Examination of clientAt your first appointment a full medical case history will be taken including details of your symptoms, your general health and passed medical history.

Next an examination will be carried out. This will involve assessment of your posture movement and muscle tone. For this you may be asked to perform some simple movements and remove parts of you’re clothing depending on the area of your problem. The osteopath will then examine the symptomatic and related areas with his highly developed sense of touch called palpation, looking for tenderness and restrictions.

Knee testDepending on these findings further medical testing may be required such as blood pressure, reflexes, muscle power and sensation.
A working diagnosis will now be made and discussed with you as to whether osteopathic treatment is appropriate or if you need to be referred to your GP or another health professional.

If it is agreed that osteopathic treatment is appropriate a course of treatment will be discussed with you and started there and then.

Following appointments

Second and subsequent appointments involve a re-examination followed by a longer treatment.

On your return appointments you will be asked about your progress. Most patients see good improvements in their symptoms within three treatment sessions. If this is not happening then you may be referred to your GP for further tests.

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